Has Your Ohio Representative
Co-Sponsored Articles of Impeachment?
The Articles were announced on August 24, 2020.
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Green = Co-SponsorRed = Not A Co-Sponsor.

Scott Wiggam (R) District 1

Mark J. Romanchuk (R) District 2

Haraz N. Ghanbari (R) District 3

Robert R. Cupp (R) District 4 – Speaker of the House

Timothy E. Ginter (R) District 5

Phillip M. Robinson, Jr. (D) District 6

Thomas F. Patton (R) District 7

Kent Smith (D) District 8

Janine R. Boyd (D) District 9

Terrence Upchurch (D) District 10

Stephanie D. Howse (D) District 11

Juanita O. Brent (D) District 12

Michael J. Skindell (D) District 13

Bride Rose Sweeney (D) District 14

Jeffrey A. Crossman (D) District 15

Dave Greenspan (R) District 16

Adam C. Miller (D) District 17

Kristin Boggs (D) District 18

Mary Lightbody (D) District 19

Richard D. Brown (D) District 20

Beth Liston (D) District 21

David Leland (D) District 22

Laura Lanese (R) District 23

C. Allison Russo (D) District 24

Bernadine Kennedy Kent (D) District 25

Erica C. Crawley (D) District 26

Thomas E. Brinkman Jr. (R) District 27

Jessica E. Miranda (D) District 28

Cindy Abrams (R) District 29

Bill Seitz (R) District 30

Brigid Kelly (D) District 31

Catherine D. Ingram (D) District 32

Sedrick Denson (D) District 33

Emilia Strong Sykes (D) District 34

Tavia Galonski (D) District 35

Anthony DeVitis (R) District 36

Casey Weinstein (D) District 37

Bill Roemer (R) District 38

Fred Strahorn (D) District 39

Phil Plummer (R) District 40

Jim Butler (R) District 41

Niraj J. Antani (R) District 42

J. Todd Smith (R) District 43

Paula Hicks-Hudson (D) District 44

Lisa A. Sobecki (D) District 45

Michael Sheehy (D) District 46

Derek Merrin (R) District 47

Scott Oelslager (R) District 48

Thomas West (D) District 49

Reggie Stoltzfus (R) District 50

Sara P. Carruthers (R) District 51 

George F. Lang (R) District 52

Candice Keller (R) District 53 - 8-24-20

Paul Zeltwanger (R) District 54 - 8-24-20

Gayle Manning (R) District 55

Joseph A. Miller III (D) District 56

Dick Stein (R) District 57

Michele Lepore-Hagan (D) District 58

Alessandro Cutrona (R) District 59

John M. Rogers (D) District 60

Jamie Callender (R) District 61

P. Scott Lipps (R) District 62

Gil Blair (D) District 63

Michael J. O'Brien (D) District 64

John Becker (R) District 65 – Lead Sponsor - 8-24-20

Doug Green (R) District 66

Kris Jordan (R) District 67

Rick Carfagna (R) District 68

Stephen D. Hambley (R) District 69

Darrell Kick (R) District 70

Mark Fraizer (R) District 71

Larry Householder (R) District 72

Rick Perales (R) District 73

Bill Dean (R) District 74

Randi Clites (D) District 75

Diane V. Grendell (R) District 76

Jeff LaRe (R) District 77

Ron Hood (R) District 78

J. Kyle Koehler (R) District 79

Jena Powell (R) District 80

James M. Hoops (R) District 81

Craig S. Riedel (R) District 82

Jon Cross (R) District 83

Susan Manchester (R) District 84

A. Nino Vitale (R) District 85 - 8-24-20

Tracy M. Richardson (R) District 86

Riordan T. McClain (R) District 87

Bill Reineke (R) District 88

D. J. Swearingen (R) District 89

Brian Baldridge (R) District 90

Shane Wilkin (R) District 91

Gary Scherer (R) District 92

Jason Stephens (R) District 93

Jay Edwards (R) District 94

Don Jones (R) District 95

Jack Cera (D) District 96

Adam Holmes (R) District 97

Brett Hudson Hillyer (R) District 98

John Patterson (D) District 99

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Below is a list of all Ohio Representatives who
Co-Sponsored Articles of Impeachment Against DeWine.
Green = Co-Sponsor
Red = Not A Co-Sponsor.